All aspects of dissolution of marriage including complex business and property issues.

Custody & Support

Thoughtful and efficient resolution of your child custody and support matters.

Family Law Appeals

Put our deep experience of family law appeals to work for you.

Same-Sex Family Issues

From domestic partnerships to adoption and surrogacy, we respect the modern family.

Welcome to Kirker|Wright Law Group, APC

Kirker|Wright Law Group, APC is a law firm dedicated to swift and efficient resolution of our clients’ domestic relations and family law appeals matters.

We are in it to end it.

Kirker|Wright Law Group, APC is dedicated to efficient and swift resolution of our clients’ family law matters. We bring decades of experience in family law and appeals to help chose the right course of action to resolve our clients’ unique domestic relations matters. Whether a particular matter is suited for mediation, collaborative resolution, or litigation, we work to resolve family law matters so that our clients can get on with their lives.

Our appellate experience is applied to every matter.

Judges make mistakes. Appellate practice is how we correct those mistakes. Our deep appellate experience informs all of our cases from start to finish. Whether you have questions about family law issues, are in the midst of a pending family law case, or need to revisit a family law ruling that has already been made, our advice and advocacy is based on a thorough understanding of family law at all levels from initial consultation and advice through appeals.

Do you need to appeal a decision?

Were you self-represented at the trial level? Did something go wrong?

Are you a family law attorney who would like to analyze an appeal?

Are you an attorney who needs help with appeals pleadings, an appellate brief or a request for statement of decision?

Family Law appeals are a specialized area that requires the skill that experience provides to obtain a favorable resolution. We can work on single issues or as part of an existing team approach to complex cases.

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People throughout California, from self-represented clients to attorneys with decades of experience, trust us to provide professional legal guidance in divorce and a wide range of family law issues. Prospective clients are encouraged to call us to find out about consultation rates and to set an appointment.